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The meat used to make Isle of Mull Haggis comes directly from the islands only slaughterhouse. The slaughterhouse sees many breeds native to the islands such as Hebridean sheep and Highland cattle. We use mostly the pluck (hearts, lungs, liver) from sheep but sometimes we also use beef pluck. The suet used to make the haggis also comes from the slaughterhouse. The oats, both pinhead and medium ground and some of the spices are organic. We sometimes use a natural casing, the ox-bung to make the haggis but mostly they are artificial.


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One comment on “How it’s made
  1. Nora and John Yates says:

    Hi Jeannette
    How are you all ? We have been busy over the last 18 months with our house move – lots of work before we could move in – so not had our tandem ride up to Mull to visit you and the family.
    It is good to see that you have launched your haggis business and appear to be well established.It had to be a success as you have such a talent with food.
    How are the boys ?
    Missing our Highland and Island excursions but hope to cycling up to Mull before too long.
    Best Wishes to all,
    Nora & John

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